Monday, May 11, 2015

Another Busy Week!

Today we had a visit from a special guest, Laurie Murison, to talk to us about whales and other sea creatures which live in the Bay of Fundy.

This week is Salad Dressing Week, and students are encouraged to dress up each day to represent a certain salad dressing. Remember this is all just for fun though, so if your child does not want to dress up, that is okay too.

Monday: French Dressing (dress like you are from France)
Tuesday: 1000 Islands (dress like you are from an island- grass skirts, leis, etc.)
Wednesday: Ceasar Dressing (togas, etc.)
Thursday: Ranch Dressing (cowboy attire)
Friday: House Dressing (wear blue and gold)

Upcoming Events:
*May 18th is Victoria Day (no school)
*May 21st: Show and Tell at 12:30pm
*May 25-29: Spring Carnival
*May 25: Twin Day
*May 26: Super Hero Day
*May 27: Jersey Day and Golden Breaker Awards at 6:30pm
*May 28: Neon Day and Rave Dance at 6pm
*May 29: Hat Day and Fun Day

*Read a book every night.
*Do dictation "Homework Writing" every night.
*Practice tricky words: could, should, would, up
*Finish homework duotang by Friday.

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