Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring is Coming!

I hope everyone had a great March Break! The students all seemed to be well rested this morning, although they were extra hungry before recess and restless by this afternoon. All signs that everyone had a great break!

This will be a very busy month with St. Patricks's Day, the first day of Spring, Easter, Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Interviews, and TNB. Time is flying by so quickly!

Kindergarten Homework:
*Read a book each night (This is SO important - we can really see a difference in the progress of the students who read every night, especially in their confidence level when reading).
*Practice tricky words and sounds every night until you know them "in a snap".
*Homework Writing Books: read the list of words to your child, one at a time, while the child writes down the sounds they hear. Feel free to help as needed, but try to say the sounds and not the letter names. We really want the students to hear all of the sounds in the words, and to know what letters to write down to make each sound.

Upcoming Events:
*March 17: Wear Green for St. Patricks' Day

*March 18: Show and Tell at 12:30
*March 25: Good Friday (No School)
*March 28: Easter Monday (No School)
*March 30: TNB (Theatre New Brunswick) performance at 12:45pm
*March 30: Report Cards go home
*March 31: Assembly at 1:20pm
*March 31: Parent-Teacher Interviews 6-8pm
*April 1: Parent-Teacher Interviews and PD (No School for Students)
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