Monday, April 4, 2016

April Showers Bring .... Cold Temperatures and Snow Flurries!

Please continue to send hats and mittens and warm jackets - the playground is very cold when it is a northwest wind especially.

Kindergarten Homework:
*Read a book each night (This is SO important - we can really see a difference in the progress of the students who read every night, especially in their confidence level when reading).
*Practice tricky words and sounds every night until you know them "in a snap". (Remember the tricky words are listed on the calendar, in case you lose the bag of words or wonder what the new words are for the week).
*Homework Writing Books: read the list of words to your child, one at a time, while the child writes down the sounds they hear. Feel free to help as needed, but try to say the sounds and not the letter names. We really want the students to hear all of the sounds in the words, and to know what letters to write down to make each sound.

Upcoming Events:
*April 7: Show and Tell at 10:50am
*April 8: Library Silent Auction at 7pm
*April 13: Music Festival in the evening if you want to come and watch
*April 14: Music Festival all day. Our class performs at 9:15 and 11:15, and we plan to watch the hand bells and stomp in the afternoon (around 1pm)
*April 18: Supply teacher (Ms. Merritt) so I can take Jillian to the orthodontist
*April 22: Professional Learning Day (so no school for students)
*April 25: Professional Learning Day (so no school for students - enjoy the long weekend!)
*April 29: Assembly at 1:20pm
*May 6: NBTA Council Day (Teachers all travel for meetings, so no school for students)
*May 9: GMTA Annual Meeting and Professional Development (PD) (So no school for students again - enjoy another long weekend!)
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