Monday, July 11, 2016

School Supplies

K-2 School Supplies for 2016-2017
·        Please purchase the school supplies listed below, and do not write the student’s name on them for K-2 (except for the headphones and sneakers).
·        Please place all of your child’s school supplies in a plastic bag (Save-Easy) and label the bag with his or her name. 
·        If possible, drop the bag of supplies off to your child’s homeroom teacher the week before school opens in September (i.e. the week before Labour Day; teachers will be at school for meetings that week).
·        2 packages of 24 crayons (We prefer Crayola.)
·        2 packages of 8 washable markers (original colors) (We prefer Crayola.)
·        10 duotangs (2 each of red, blue, green, yellow, and orange)
·        1 two-pocket folder
·        1 package of pencils (not made in China if possible)
·        5 large glue sticks
·        1 package of 4 Hilroy scribblers (32 pages)
·        4 white vinyl erasers
·        1 Campfire Notebook
·        1 box of Large Ziploc Freezer Bags (not easy zipper)
·        2 boxes of Kleenex
·        1 pump bottle of hand soap
·        4 black white board markers (dry erase – low odor please; for student use on small white boards)
·        1 package of sticky notes (for student use)
·        1 pair of headphones (in a bag labelled with child’s name)
·        1 pair of indoor sneakers (Velcro please, or slide-ons, unless your child can tie independently.)

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