Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Can you believe we only have 10 weeks left of school!

Kindergarten Homework:
*Read a book each night and record in Reading Log.

*Practice Homework Writing list (in campfire notebook)
*Practice tricky words: any, many, had, this
*Bring Library Book back by Monday.

Upcoming Events:

*We welcome a new student to our class on April 19th: Warrin Kearney
*Music Festival on April 20th and 21st. Our class will be performing at 9am on April 21st, so please don't be late for school!
*Charlotte's Birthday on April 22nd.
*Show and Tell on April 27th at 1:30pm
*Professional Learning Day on April 28th (so no school for students)
*Book Orders due on May 2nd.
*Subject Council on May 5 (so no school for students)
*GMTA Meetings and Professional Learning on May 8th (so no school for students)
*Special Guest Laurie Murison on May 11th to talk to us about whales and other sea creatures.
*Drama Festival on May 17tth.
*Show and Tel on May 18th.
*Peyton's Birthday on May 20th.
*Victoria Day on May 22nd (Holiday - no school)
*Visit White Head Island School on May 25th.
*Assembly on May 26th at 1:20pm.
*Kayden's Birthday on May 28th.
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