Monday, January 23, 2017

Dinosaurs Rule!

Kindergarten Homework:
*Read a book each night and record in Reading Log.
*Read words in the "Word Box" (baggie) and return.
*Practice tricky words: there, they, can
*Return library book by Monday
Upcoming Events:
*Weston's Birthday on January 22nd
*Lylah's Birthday on January 23rd
*Assembly on January 27th at 1:20pm. Parents welcome.
*Welcome to kindergarten meeting at 6pm on February 2nd for preschool students and their parents.
*Brendan's Birthday on February 4th.
*Pink/Red Day on February 14th and Valentines Party (send valentine cards for everyone in the class please, and a snack if you wish0.
*Day 100 on February 15th (if we don't miss any school)
*Writing Celebration on February 23rd.
*Sophie's Birthday on February 24th.
*Professional Learning Day on February 24th (so no school for students)
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