Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

We had lots of fun in the snow this morning!
Kindergarten Homework:
*Read a book each night and record in Reading Log.
*Practice tricky words: come, some, as
*Return library book by Monday
(We are done learning all of the sounds, so the red sounds duotangs can stay home. Keep practicing the sounds in the half scribblers at least once or twice a week until you are confident that your child knows all of the sounds).
Upcoming Events:
*Show and Tell on January 11th at 10:50am
*Elementary Drama on January 12th from 2:10-3:10pm
*Shark Week January 16th-20th
*Greenland Shark Day on January 16th (wear green)
*Salmon Shark Day on January 17th (wear pink/salmon)
*Blue Shark Day on January 18th (wear blue)
*Dance on January 18th from 6-6:45pm.
*Tiger Shark Day on January 19th (wear orange and black)
*Book Orders due on January 19th
*Drama Try-Outs on January 19th at 2:10pm
*Zebra Shark Day on January 20th (wear black and white)
*GMCS Cinema presents "Trolls" at 7pm on January 20th (cost $5)
*Weston's Birthday on January 22nd
*Lylah's Birthday on January 23rd
*Assembly on January 27th at 1:20pm. Parents welcome.

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